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Engine Bay Detail from £250

This is where we really get deep and down with the engine bay area and clean everything to a very high standard. We will clean as deep down as we can reach, remove oils, grease and dirt from the areas that they are not meant to be, remove all leaves and unwanted debris. Finally the engine bay sealed and dressed.

Convertible Roof Cleaning from £150

When it comes to cleaning a convertible roof there is only one way to clean it and 1 way to protect it. The fabric on the roof will look as new once the multiple cleaning stages have been administered and the roof is dry.

Convertible Re-Colour and 12 month Protection from £280

As above but after the cleaning and drying stages we then re-colour the roof in multiple stages to ensure that there is an even coverage. Once dry the roof will look like a brand new roof and then the convertible protection is be applied, this gives the roof up to 12 months of protection. 

Protects from:

  • Bird lime staining
  • UV discolouration as the protection has UV blockers
  • Prevents the roof from the build up of algae & moss after neutralising the spores 
  • Adds immense hydrophobic properties

Headlight Restoration £35 per light

It’s not just the vehicles paint that gets affected by the harsh elements; your lights also take a battering too. So much so they can become an MOT failure. Instead of thinking that you need to replace the whole unit why don’t you let us have a look?

Doing this is a far more cost effective way than potentially spending £200+ on a new set of headlights.

Once we have cleared the lenses and restored them back to as new quality we add a layer of protection to prevent them from oxidizing again. 

  • Up to 2 years of protection
  • Removes oxidization & prevents it from coming back
  • Removes finer scratches
  • Easier to clean and keep clean
  • Removes bird lime etching

Wax Upgrades per layer:

Swissvax Onyx (up to 6 months protection) - £45

Nanolex Hybrid Wax (Up to 9 months protection) - £65

Engine bay clean: From £50

Engine Bay Detail with sealant: From £150

Rain repellent windscreen coating: £75 including front 3 glass polished

Wheel off Detail: £150

Simple wash: From £25

Basic in & out: From £45

Extended in & out (Monthly Maintenance Programme non standing order): From £95

Colourlock Leather Shield Protection: £45per coating

Leather clean: From £100

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